We research how czech children and youngsters use social networks, computer games and what is the role of smartphones in their lives. We are looking at links between their technological habits, parental strategies, school attitude and we also research whether children face issues connected with digital addiction, depression or anxiety.

Contact us at info@slowtechinstitute.org if you would like to engage in research as a school, as a researcher or for an internship. We are looking forward to collaborate with you!

We collect data at Czech elementary schools. The research is always connected with the educational seminar to find out whether their technological habits are healthy or not. We give them strategies to help ourselves or others at times when smart phones and computers are already affecting their mental and physical health.

Within the research, we evaluate and validate questionnaires to identify problem behavior around smartphones. We look for and analyze a possible link between specific parental strategies in the use of technology in their children and the negative effects of technology on their mental health. Similarly, we focus on studying the impact of individual school rules on the use of personal phones in the classroom and during breaks.