Kateřina Lukavská, Ph.D.

She acquired her master’s degree in psychology and special education at Faculty of Education, Charles University (CUNI). She works at the Department of Psychology (Faculty of Education, CUNI) and the Department of Addictology (First Faculty of Medicine, CUNI). She focuses on the prevention of digital addictions, namely on excessive gaming and gaming disorder. In her research, Katerina tries to reveal what helps gamers to be in control of their gaming and what makes the regulation of gaming difficult.

In her PhD thesis “What makes a reasonable player” she analyzed the effect of time orientation and gaming habits on the presence of internet gaming disorder symptoms. She participated in the development of Czech versions of Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory. She cooperates with leading experts on behavioral addictions.


Katka is a main researcher in the field of digital addictions and other related issues. She as well takes part in the educational projects of the Institute.