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Book titled Games, Sites, Porn. Parental Guide to Jungle of Digital Childhood and Adolescence offered to translation.

Games, Sites, Porn. Parental Guide to Jungle of Digital Childhood and Adolescence.

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Addiction aux jeux vidéo, problématique des réseaux sociaux, omniprésence des écrans sont des défis auxquels font face tous les parents par rapport à leurs enfants : en Tchéquie, l’intérêt pour ces questions est encore très récent même si celles-ci commencent à faire l’objet d’une réflexion des pouvoirs publics et du monde éducatif. Radio Prague Int. a rencontré la chercheuse Michaela Slussareff pour en parler.

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Interview with the author:


Author: Michaela Slussareff
Original title (in Czech): Hry, sítě, porno. Rodičovský průvodce džunglí digitálního dětství a puberty.
Editor: Jan Melvil Publishing
Edition: No Big Science
Number of pages: 352
Binding: paperback
Color: Black and White
Cover Illustrations: TOY_BOX
ISBN: 9788075551566
Size: 143 × 215 mm
Published: 30. 03. 2022
Available formats: print, audiobook, e-book

Some of the Featured Themes

How to spot an emerging gaming addiction and how to set fair gaming rules at home.

How to prepare children for the fact that they are likely to encounter pornography online sooner than you or they would expect.

How and when to talk to your children about sensitive topics, including examples of how to have conversations about them.


What Readers are Saying

Goodreads reviews unfiltered. Translated from Czech language by DeepL.

I devoured the book as soon as it was published, the subject is close to my heart. I play games for a living, and they’re pretty much a ubiquitous prop in our household, so of course I’m concerned that my two sons don’t turn into serial killers, just as I did not by happy accident. The book is „about the digital jungle that parents have to navigate“. It tries to explain the situation and the dangers involved, and to help sensibly with parenting and setting fair rules. It is written in a popular and easy-to-understand way, based on scientific findings, not looking for scandals and not making a „big deal“ out of the topic. If you don’t have time for a long narrative, there is a summary and recommended steps at the end of each chapter. I dare say that by definition any responsible parent will appreciate it, and I’d like to believe that it doesn’t need a Goodreads review to do so.
There are some things you can probably cover with common sense, but setting healthy boundaries for technology use is just one of the many things you’ll find answers to here. Also, don’t expect a clear and precise solution, there are more approaches (parenting strategies) and many topics. The book is really a great inspiration in this regard.
Jan Modrak
Reader and Writer
Lots of interesting information and good tips. Don’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution to all problems and hassles, but a few different ways to approach „digital education“ for children.
I will definitely be returning to some of the chapters. Read continuously, certain passages even repeatedly.
Do you ever turn on the TV for your kids to get away from them for a while? Or are you glad they’re playing on their mobile phones and you can take a break? Do you let your children use social networks at a young age and don’t really know what they are doing there? Then this book can certainly give you some food for thought. How to ensure a child’s healthy development in today’s world of mobile phones, tablets, and very attractive games, networks, and the Internet? The book contains tips ranging from how to talk to your children about games, networks, and porn, to how much to monitor your children’s activities as a parent, to how to ensure healthy sleep for children and how these technologies affect it. The author draws on other professional books and scientific studies and the book does not come across as „one mom’s opinion“. I don’t regret the time I spent listening to it and will probably return to individual chapters as the need arises. I would summarise the main idea by saying that just as we teach a child the basics of road transport and safe cycling before we let them ride independently, so we should ensure that we teach a child the basics of healthy screen and internet use. Let’s not shy away from talking to children about technology and its use. Make clear rules with them.
Dominik Šimůnek
Quite a few points caught my eye as I had absolutely no idea about them. But I was a bit annoyed by the American way of repetition.
Edna Nová