About us: Slow Tech Institute

We are a non-profit organization bringing together professionals in the field of new media. We also cooperate with foreign experts and participate in several international researches.

We are deeply concerned with possible negative impact of technology on the development of our children and society as a whole. Teherfore we have devoted ourselves to research, education and professional support where it is needed.

Founder and New Media specialist

Michaela Slussareff, PhD.

Michaela is involved in the research of negative as well as positive impacts of technologies on children's development and healthy family functioning. She conducts several national and international researches about the media impact
Scientist and psychologist

Simon Weissenberger, Ph.D.

A scientist and psychologist who focuses primarily on ADHD and how this disorder affects time perception and lifestyle.
Researcher, Psychologist and Addictologist

Kateřina Lukavská, Ph.D.

She studied psychology and special education at Faculty of Education, Charles University. She works at the Department of Psychology (Faculty of Education) and the Department of Addictology (First Faculty of Medicine). She focuses on the prevention of digital addictions, namely on excessive gaming and gaming disorder
Expert on new media and sociology

Jakub Sedláček

The expert on mew media and the sociologist who deals with the phenomenon of social media influencers and YouTube celebrities. He works at Charles University in Prague.
Psychiatrist and pedagogue

MUDr. Daniela Zmeškalová, PhD.

Psychiatrička pro děti a dospívající, výzkumnice a pedagožka. Zabývá se především poruchami autistického spektra a ADHD v průběhu života a jejich dopadem na kvalitu života celé rodiny. Přednáší na Univerzitě
Lékařka pro děti a dorost

MUDr. Zuzana Sadílková

Je dětskou lékařkou, v současné době pracuje jako praktický lékař pro děti a dorost (PLDD). Je velice aktivní v tématech vlivu technologií na děti a možnou prevenci negativních konsekvencí jejich
Psychologist, child and family therapist

Kateřina Schönová

Psychologist and therapist working with children and adults. She deals with the promotion of positive self-concept, the ability to stand out from the crowd, family issues and addictions. She is also a lecturer and coordinator for the Czech Heroic Imagination project

Zdeňka Černá

Zdenka is engaged in researching the possibilities of using digital media in nature and in eco-education. She studied environmental studies and protection, during her studies she devoted herself to environmental education and worked as an external lecturer at


Interaction between people and technology is still a poorly explored topic. We would like to initiate further research into the impact of the use of technology on health, psychological state.